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EMC: Netto / Raw Capacity of an EMC disk

Problem description:

As a DBA, System Archtitect or Engineer you are sometimes faced to create the storage layout for database systems. In order to get a detailed picture on how much capacity is available for your system, you have to calculate the netto capacity for your RAID-Level. Unfortunately EMC disks do not provide the same capacity as they are labeled with (independent of the used RAID-Level). In order to calculate the right capacity for your RAID-Level, you have to calculate with the raw capacity of an EMC disk.

Problem resolution:

Below you can find a table of EMC Clariion disks and their actual raw capacity:

Disk Size Raw / Usable Capacity
73 GB 66.61 GB
146 GB 133.65 GB
250 GB 230.13 GB
300 GB 268.37 GB
320 GB 297.01 GB
400 GB 366.76 GB
450 GB 402.57 GB
500 GB 458.56 GB
750 GB 687.86 GB
1 TB 917.15 GB
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