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Navisphere: hostname.domain: is not a Managed Host, unable to retrieve Remote Agent Configuration.

Problem description:

You have installed the Navisphere Host Agent and configured the agent appropriately. Navisphere on storage side still has problems to detect the host and displays messages like “hostname.domain: is not a Managed Host, unable to retrieve Remote Agent Configuration.”:

Navisphere has problems to contact the host agent. This can have several causes like:

  • Blocked firewall ports
  • Multiple NICs

Problem resolution:
In my case, the problem was caused by multiple installed network interfaces. In this scenario Navisphere Host Agent does not work properly without creating a special configuration file.

If you have multiple NICs, you have to create the agentID.txt file containing the hostname and IP-address to use. Example:

[root@linux01 /]# cat /agentID.txt
[root@linux01 /]#

Afterwards restart the Navisphere Host Agent:

[root@linux01 bin]# service naviagent restart
Shutting down Naviagent:                                   [  OK  ]
Starting Navisphere agent:                                 [  OK  ]
[root@linux01 bin]#
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